Wednesday, May 18, 2005

171-H !

The 171-H is the approval that INS gives you to adopt. After running home everyday on my lunch hour to almost jump the mailman. It finally came!

My mother and I were leaving to go meet my sister Deanna and my brother in-law Vince and of course Kenedy in Disney. My mother picked me up at work and I asked her to swing by my house on the way to the Turnpike so I can check the mail. When I opened the mailbox and looked thru the pile and saw Department of Homeland Security I started to get butterflies. I opened it and started jumping up and down. I called Mike at work and he was so excited. Our second major hurdle down.

Disney was great. I enjoyed going on the rides with Kenedy and seeing her interact with the characters. I can't wait for Mia to go with her cousins. It was amazing to see so many families with little girls from China. I couldn't stop dreaming about us with our little girl.

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Mom, Deanna, Vince and Kenedy
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