Sunday, September 24, 2006

A day at the park

We took Mia to the park and we were unsure if she would like the swings and she sure did! She was a little unsure about the slide but I think she will enjoy herself more when she is walking. She is pulling herself up and cruising around holding on, so I think it will be soon.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006

Here are some of the photos that we took during our trip to capture the history, architecture, and everyday living of China. Our plan is to share it with Mia when she gets older. I think I may have taken close to 800 photos and these are some of the shots I chose to give you a feel of what we saw and experienced.


Thank You China for "Our Dream Come True"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

So much love to give!

I am enjoying spending my days and nights with this precious bundle of joy! We just can't get enough of Mia. I love it when I am feeding her and she squints her eyes and makes sniffle noises out her nose. I love it when I pick her up out of her crib in the morning or after her nap and she gives me a big smile. She makes Mike and I mushy.

Today we went to the beach and she cried when I picked her up out of the water to go home. Mike caught a fish and brought it over to her and she reached out to touch it. Everyday she continues to amaze us! Last weekend we went to a birthday party and there were a lot of kids and she did wonderful. It was time to open gifts and all the kids were helping and lots of commotion was going on, and there was Mia right there in the middle. Next week we are meeting up with a new friend from China. Her mom and I have been chatting and her daughter just turned 5 and is so beautiful. One of Mia's China sisters lives in St. Cloud and is having her first birthday party on the 23rd, I hope we can make it! We traveled all the way to China and found that there was a family in our group from Florida as well. Most of the USAA families live in California. So needless to say, we plan on seeing Valerie and her family often.

For those of you who need your Mia fix, I posted some pictures below.

crawling around, trying to get into trouble!

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My mom has gone hat crazy!

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Mom, not another picture

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Mia loving the beach. . .

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

There is nothing like reading the Sunday newspaper in bed. Here is Mia and her Dad, relaxing in bed, Sunday morning, reading the paper. She loves to crawl in our bed every morning after she wakes up. Of course we try to give her the sale ads to destroy, but she has to have the piece of the newspaper that you are reading! My parents leave for Vegas today, so my grandfather is staying with us for a week. He has no idea what he is in for, she is non stop. How many little children get to spend time with their great grandfather? Mia will realize oneday how lucky she is to have that opportunity.

Mom, Can't you see we try to read?

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Hanging with Daddy reading the Sunday Paper

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy 11 month Birthday Mia! your going to the doctor

Today was Mia's first American doctor's visit. The office was really nice and we love our pediatrician, she herself just had a baby 4 months ago. Mia checked out just fine, she says she is right on track for a healthy 11 month old. We go back next week to get blood drawn for a complete set of tests, but as far as she could see, Mia is doing great. She weighs 18.88 lbs and is 30 1/2 inches long. She is 20th percentile for her weight, 90th percentile for height and 60% for her head size.

She got some of her vaccinations today and Mia would have been OK if we didn't have to hold her hands down. She let out a big scream and then it was back to smiles and giggles once we let her hands go. Both Mike and I went to her visit together and we were both very pleased with the staff as well.

Ok we're ready for the doctor! Where is she?

Checking her temperature

Checking her temperature
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Oh I don't think I like this

Oh I don't think I like this
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Monday, September 04, 2006

We have conquered the time adjustment!

We didn't want to jinx ourselves and post our success too soon. We wanted to wait until we had 3 nights of normal sleep time. She is going to bed between 8-9pm and sleeps thru until
6:30-7:30am. That is more like it! I actually can get some things done now, instead of jumping into bed when she went down because I never knew how long it would last. Mike and I were taking turns, so the other could rest. I have had several requests for pictures of Mia and I posted the best ones I had. I can't get her to stand still long enough to snap a picture with her actually looking at the camera. We had a little barb-q today at our house and it felt really good to get back to our normal life. Mia again LOVED the pool and stayed in for a long time.

We had a tough week but we made it! So far she has been to the Mall, Publix (grocery store) several times, Walmart, Target and visiting friends. She is a totally different child now that she is getting to know us better. My dad tried to feed her lunch today and she cried, but I grabbed the spoon and she ate for me. I felt bad for my dad, he thought he did something wrong, but I thought it was great at the same time, that she knows I am her mommy and Mike and I take care of her. Its the "bonding" we adoptive parents worry so much about and want to make sure that she knows that we are mommy and daddy and we are not going to leave her. I would love to know what goes thru her little mind sometimes. New sleeping arrangements, new smells, funny looking people speaking funny too!

Here comes trouble!

Mia 029
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Like the spiked doo?

Labor Day fun!

Mia 047
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Some of Mia's new friends cam over for some splashing.

Is Tropical Storm Ernesto over yet? I want to go out!

Mia 033
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Mia's new toy

Mia 037
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Notice the bags under her eyes, we were trying to keep her awake so she could adjust her inner clock.

Must be feeding time!

Mia 045
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some of Mia's Welcome home signs that were at the airport

Mia 040
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Friday, September 01, 2006

We're almost there!

Mia is SLOWLY starting to adjust to the time change. Everyday it gets better and better. I am still not feeling completely better and I hope to shake this cold soon. We still have some of our plants and outdoor decorations in our house. We'll get to them when we can. Thank goodness it was just a tropical storm, but we were told to be prepared incase it picked up speed in the waters just north of Cuba. We were so tired, but we had no food in the house and now we have a third person to get food, diapers, etc for. We also have a more windows now, so shuttering up takes definately more time.

I hope to be on a somewhat schedule soon. We put together a toy that Gary and Vita got for her and she likes to sit on it, she just doesn't know how to use her legs to move it forward yet! Before we know it she'll be flying around the house on it! Look out dogs!