Friday, September 01, 2006

We're almost there!

Mia is SLOWLY starting to adjust to the time change. Everyday it gets better and better. I am still not feeling completely better and I hope to shake this cold soon. We still have some of our plants and outdoor decorations in our house. We'll get to them when we can. Thank goodness it was just a tropical storm, but we were told to be prepared incase it picked up speed in the waters just north of Cuba. We were so tired, but we had no food in the house and now we have a third person to get food, diapers, etc for. We also have a more windows now, so shuttering up takes definately more time.

I hope to be on a somewhat schedule soon. We put together a toy that Gary and Vita got for her and she likes to sit on it, she just doesn't know how to use her legs to move it forward yet! Before we know it she'll be flying around the house on it! Look out dogs!


Joey said...

HELLO!!! Where are the pics??? :) See you soon!

Jen Garofalo said...

Hi Guys,
Welcome back! I know that jet lag is tough, just know it will pass, SLOWLY:)

I have enjoyed your posts, and I hope to see you at our next FCC get together, yet to be announced.

Have fun,
Jen Garofalo, Treasure Coast FCC group

grace said...

Joey took the words right out of my mouth.We live for this stuff you know!!!Make with the pictures already.we need our constant mia update......hope you feel better,can't wait to see you guys....