Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dossier to USAA

A dossier is our file with all the completed paperwork needed by the Chinese government. It includes copy of our homestudy report, and all the other information we have been gathering for several months now. This file is being sent to our agency USAA for authentication on the state level as well as authentication by the Chinese Consulate and then translation of all documents into Chinese.

We mailed out our Dossier Fed-Ex overnight, and I was a nervous wreck checking and double checking that everything on my checklist was in the folder. I was so nervous that while I was at the counter filling out the shipping slip, I sealed everything in the envelope and realized I omitted the check which was right under the Fed-Ex mailer. I had to open the mailer and ask the girl for another envelope.

I really could not believe how nervous I was. I hope my double and triple checking was worth it.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Fingerprinting Day

Today Mike and I went to the INS building in Davie and had our fingerprints done for the FBI check that is all a part of the approval. Very high tech, no ink pad, all electronical.

Thank you to everyone who has been very supported and called us after every step of the way. We appreciate it and can't wait for you to meet Mia!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wrapping up the paperchase. . .

We are just completing everything and getting a few documents notarized. Thanks to Soris who works with Mike, she lived with her ink pad and stamp in her hand for almost 2 months straight, notarizing everything we had. I just completed my child and infant CPR and need to get our papers back from Mike physician and we are done.

Mia's grandfather Wayne is so excited for his granddaughter, he can hardly stand it. He is already planning a car seat in his truck. Can't wait to see that!

Mia's other grandparents are planning to join Mike and I in China. My father is going for sure, but my mom is a little nervous about the flight. I'll think she'll go, I told her to take some pills and sleep the 15 hour flight away. My dad says he won't go without her. Everyone she meets tells her its a trip of a lifetime.