Friday, June 24, 2005

South Florida Meeting

Last night Mike and I went to a South Florida Waiting Families meeting. It is a meeting for families who have children from China or are in the waiting part of their adoption. This group was just put together and last night was the first meeting. We had a great turn out, it was unbelievable, there were 45 people in attendance. Some people were local and some came from West Palm Beach and a lady drove from Key West. We met at a chinese restaurant in Pembroke Pines and it was so awesome to see the children playing. They are all so beautiful and played so good together. Many of them know each other from different play groups, and some just met last night. We sat with a lovely family who have adopted 2 girls and have 4 biological children already. What a nice family!
The group will meet monthly and we want to invite the grandparents next meeting, I know they will enjoy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dossier to China

We just received a letter from USAA, our adoption agency to confirm that our Dossier has been sent to China. We are group #111. We are grouped with other families who sent in their paperwork when we did. Usually this group will travel together to get their child. All of the families from Group #111 will be in touch so we can get to know them prior to our travels. It will be very interesting to see how many are in our group as well as finding out where everyone is from. Most of the families who use USAA are from California.

We didn't hear from USAA regarding anything about our paperwork when we submitted originally, so I guess we did good! No problems and the papers are off!

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

In Marco Island doing what we love to do, hanging out on the boat and relaxing 6/2005 Posted by Hello

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Marco Island, here we come. . . .

Mike and I take this week every year at our timeshare in Marco Island. We meet several other families there that we have been vacationing with for several years now. Most of the families knew Mike and I when we were dating and have been through our engagement, our wedding, and through our desires to have a family. All the families have children and they are like our nieces and nephews. We often let them dye Mike's hair, jump off our shoulders in the pool, our yearly pottery class, and last but not least ICE CREAM!!

I could not wait to get there and share the good news. As I expected, everyone responded with such enthusiasm and joy for us. We cannot wait to bring her next year to meet the extended family. I have had offers for babysitting already.

Throughout the week I was often asked about the adoption process and the obvious question, WHEN? I told them if all goes well she be our newest member of the Marco week #23 crew.

At the end of the week, all the kids were in one room with the door locked. I wanted to go check on something that we were cooking for the group dinner. They told me I couldn't come in and I was obviously curious. A few minutes later all the kids appeared with a tote bag that they decorated with paints. They wrote Mia's name on one side and everyone signed the other side. They also made her a bracelet with shells and an adorable door hanger with rhinestones and a starfish. Their thoughtfulness brought me to tears. Week #23 is an incredible group of people and we love them all. Mike and I always look forward to our Marco Island vacation.

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