Saturday, May 31, 2008

Potty PatrolWe have been trying to get Ms. Mia out of diapers for several weeks now. She can go poopoo and peepee and the potty, but only when SHE wants to. Somedays it goes well and somedays it is a disaster. She keeps saying she wants to wear "Big Girl" panties. She also said she wants ones with Little Mermaid on them.
We went to the doctor yesterday because Mia has had a runny nose and a cough for several days, so I brought her in to have the doctor look at her. She ended up having the start of a sinus infection, luckily for her it was at the beginning so the antibiotics should clear it up no problem. Mia now weighs 31 lbs (75 percentile) and is 38 inches tall (90 percentile). I just can't get over how fast they grow.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Peek A Boo I See You
Saturday we celebrated my grandfathers 82nd Birthday.

Abuelo bought Mia this lawnmower that shoots out bubbles for Christmas. Mia decided to help out Daddy this weekend with some yard work. My neighbor behind us was mowing his yard and glanced over and was laughing, she looks so cute.

Memorial Day weekend around our house involved bathing suits and sunscreen. This photo was taken today by our front doors, it is amazing to see how much taller she has gotten. My photos before in this spot didn't even show the door knob. Soon you'll be able to see our wreaths. Sunday we spent the day at the beach, Mia and I collected more seashells and we found some to make a "beach shell necklace" as she calls it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sprinkler Fun!!!Mia loves this sprinkler, it rotates and she jumps over it when it rotates. You can buy your child the neatest water toys and it all boils down to the sprinkler in the garage that I think we may have owned for about 10 years. Hey, whatever makes her happy.

Most evenings while I get dinner together Mia and Mike spend some fun time outside on her swingset. She has become a daredevil and screams for Mike to push her higher. She learned from her cousin Torey to ride the swing on her stomach and kick her feet up.
She just loves a good thrill and so do I, she especially loves rollercoasters. I just can't wait til she gets tall enough to do the Big ones with me.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kylee came for a visit this weekend. Laura and I took the girls to Disney on Friday and then Chris joined us for a reunion of old friends. Kylee and Mia are only 3 months apart and they really enjoyed each other. These 2 girls share a very special bond and I hope they will remain great friends for life. Listening to them talk to each other is hysterical and there was also the occasional argument over a toy. They were always on the go and Mike and I had to take a nap today when Mia did just to get some rest.

We headed to spend the day with Mickey and friends...
Pooped Out on the car ride home

Saturday night get together at our house

Bedtime Stories

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Earthquake In China

as many of you know, the earthquake in China has affected so many people and my heart goes out to everyone touched by this terrible disaster. Mia's birthplace, Chongqing was very close to Sichuan province and did have some affects of the earthquake, but fortunately was not the epicenter of the quake.

I know many families are suffering at this time, however; I always think of the children in the orphanages and how they fared. I can't even watch the news, It is horrible. Was Mia's birth family OK? Having been there and seeing the construction, and the way many people lived, I can only imagine the devastation. I know several roads are closed and relief cannot even reach certain areas. How many families are there right now being united with their daughters? Are they safe? So many questions.

A charity called Half The Sky helps children in institutions and assists many orphanages with childcare, supplies, medical care, etc. They are now accepting donations to help all the people affected by this unimaginable disaster. I have included the link for the earthquake disaster, as they are always accepting donations, this one is specific to the earthquake.

help if you can
Please keep China in your prayers tonight. . . . ..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day 2008 Mother's Day this year was great. It started with sleeping in!!! Yes sleeping in, Mike got up and kept Mia busy until 8:45, when Mia came barging in saying "Look Mommy I have a present for you" She jumped in the bed and opened my envelopes of course. Her card to me was a card that said "You Rock" inside and when you opened it Tina Turner's "Your Simply the Best" played out loud and Mia wiggled and swayed her head back and forth. So cute! We headed out to my favorite breakfast spot and had a wonderful time. Our afternoon was spent in the pool cause it sooo hot in FL right now. My dad and Mike catered all day to my mom, my friend Tami and myself. At one point we called Mike over to the pool and told him we needed refills of our beverages and he obliged. My dad worked the barbq and Mike was his assistant getting things together and setting up. We were surely treated well today! In the end Mike said , I'm exhausted and I just shot him a look. I said a little prayer to thank Mia's birth mother for giving us such a beautiful, loving, and precious little girl. I can't imagine what she was feeling on the day she laid our little girl at the base of the bridge. I just thank God she was taken care of until she was placed in our arms. Everyday is a new adventure and its hard to imagine our life without Mia.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mia and I hosted a pool playdate for the Treasure Coast FCC on Saturday in our neck of the woods. Most of the members live about 30 minutes South of us and get togethers are often near them, so I decided to see if anyone wanted to do a get together in Indian River County. Our county has an awesome Aquatic Center and a great kiddy pool area which happens to be about 1 mile from our house. We were a group of maybe 8 families and it was a beautiful day. Some families have never been to this pool and they loved it. We had a little snak break for cupcakes and then it was back to the pool. The kids stayed in the pool the entire time. The older kids got to hit the BIG slide, which Mia wanted to go on and I had to explain, it was for when she get older.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Birthday

GrandmaMia and I made Grandma a birthday cake. Mia has helped me cook before, but we have never baked a cake until last night. Mia had a good time tasting everything. Mike and I were laughing, she would stir, then taste, put on one strawberry and taste. She even snuck in some reese cups. I brought the cake to the restaurant early and they surprised her when they brought it out!