Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day 2008 Mother's Day this year was great. It started with sleeping in!!! Yes sleeping in, Mike got up and kept Mia busy until 8:45, when Mia came barging in saying "Look Mommy I have a present for you" She jumped in the bed and opened my envelopes of course. Her card to me was a card that said "You Rock" inside and when you opened it Tina Turner's "Your Simply the Best" played out loud and Mia wiggled and swayed her head back and forth. So cute! We headed out to my favorite breakfast spot and had a wonderful time. Our afternoon was spent in the pool cause it sooo hot in FL right now. My dad and Mike catered all day to my mom, my friend Tami and myself. At one point we called Mike over to the pool and told him we needed refills of our beverages and he obliged. My dad worked the barbq and Mike was his assistant getting things together and setting up. We were surely treated well today! In the end Mike said , I'm exhausted and I just shot him a look. I said a little prayer to thank Mia's birth mother for giving us such a beautiful, loving, and precious little girl. I can't imagine what she was feeling on the day she laid our little girl at the base of the bridge. I just thank God she was taken care of until she was placed in our arms. Everyday is a new adventure and its hard to imagine our life without Mia.

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