Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Earthquake In China

as many of you know, the earthquake in China has affected so many people and my heart goes out to everyone touched by this terrible disaster. Mia's birthplace, Chongqing was very close to Sichuan province and did have some affects of the earthquake, but fortunately was not the epicenter of the quake.

I know many families are suffering at this time, however; I always think of the children in the orphanages and how they fared. I can't even watch the news, It is horrible. Was Mia's birth family OK? Having been there and seeing the construction, and the way many people lived, I can only imagine the devastation. I know several roads are closed and relief cannot even reach certain areas. How many families are there right now being united with their daughters? Are they safe? So many questions.

A charity called Half The Sky helps children in institutions and assists many orphanages with childcare, supplies, medical care, etc. They are now accepting donations to help all the people affected by this unimaginable disaster. I have included the link for the earthquake disaster, as they are always accepting donations, this one is specific to the earthquake.


help if you can
Please keep China in your prayers tonight. . . . ..

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