Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sprinkler Fun!!!Mia loves this sprinkler, it rotates and she jumps over it when it rotates. You can buy your child the neatest water toys and it all boils down to the sprinkler in the garage that I think we may have owned for about 10 years. Hey, whatever makes her happy.

Most evenings while I get dinner together Mia and Mike spend some fun time outside on her swingset. She has become a daredevil and screams for Mike to push her higher. She learned from her cousin Torey to ride the swing on her stomach and kick her feet up.
She just loves a good thrill and so do I, she especially loves rollercoasters. I just can't wait til she gets tall enough to do the Big ones with me.

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San said...

Great pictures. Kids just LOVE that kind of thing.