Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am thinking that my hubby hit the jackpot when he bought me this birthday gift! I had a fun packed, laughter filled, relaxing absolute blast this weekend. I have been truly blessed with wonderful and thoughtful friends as well!! My girlfriends here in Vero made arrangements behind the scenes via Facebook with Joey and had the cabin decorated, a birthday sign on the door and a chocolate cake delivered to dinner on Saturday night! WOW !!
The weather cooperated and our massages on the beach were very relaxing! I have to say, those late nights of dancing and drinking can catch up real quick! I took a 3 1/2 hour nap when I got home and am thinking I can only party like a rock star every once in a while!!!
Daddy and Mia had a great weekend as well, Mia went to a birthday party on Saturday and Grandaddy came up to visit while I was gone and the 2 Harrell men, held the fort down! I couldn't wait to get to Mia's school to pick her up and squeeze her, I missed my little parrot!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.....

Thanks to my hubby and my BFF for putting together a girls only get away cruise this weekend. We are celebrating our birthdays! Joey's is in September and mine was Monday the 23rd and I am loving her idea of celebrating!! Daddy and Mia have some fun planned this weekend and I will be on a chair somewhere relaxing or heading to the spa for a massage! My wonderful family hid some moola in my birthday cards and some pampering is on the agenda! Four of us girls are heading to Miami tomorrow and and I am super excited! Girl time is always fun!

Bon Voyage!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Today Mia enters her final year at her pre-school and is now in the Pre-k class , and she is so excited! Many of her friends made the cut off date and went on to kindergarden which she was a little sad about, but our resilient go with the flow girl, got over it quick and forged forward with her big girl attitude. Mia's feet are growing like weeds so we did a little shopping and she wanted these pink converse, so I took them home and blinged them out!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Family Day

Time has sure flown by and everyday we are thankful for the little girl that we met 4 years ago on this very day! You are so special to us and when you finally are able to sit down and read all of these journal entries, I want you to know how much you have enriched our lives! You have this personality and sense of humor that brings laughter to our lives on a daily basis. You are kind, playful, sensitive and smart.

Mommy and Daddy will never forget the first time we held you and were finally able to say we are now complete! We have many plans for you and want to you have the special memories and opportunities that Mommy and Daddy had as a child! We love you very much Mia!!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Every Picture Tells A Story

Practicing some photography skills can land you in jail I guess!
Friday evening I set out with Mia and her friend Haley to do some photos for Haley's 5 year old birthday pictures. The shoot was going well until the Police showed up with lights on and everything. My husband warned me, but I laughed at him and said this is a small town and we are only going to be there for a short time! Well I will admit, right here for all to read, I was wrong! LOL. In my opinion, I think this officer was a rookie and was a bit cocky! Here we are 3 ladies with 2 children, my camera and zoom lense in my hand, we DID NOT look like hoodlums by any means. But he made sure he told me in front of the kids, ya know I could take you to jail right now! REALLY, was that necessary?! We were just getting the kids into the car anyway, so I was at least able to get all the shots I wanted to. I guess I won't be doing that again! Now my idea of shooting at this cute abandoned old farmhouse is out of the question!