Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy 11 month Birthday Mia! your going to the doctor

Today was Mia's first American doctor's visit. The office was really nice and we love our pediatrician, she herself just had a baby 4 months ago. Mia checked out just fine, she says she is right on track for a healthy 11 month old. We go back next week to get blood drawn for a complete set of tests, but as far as she could see, Mia is doing great. She weighs 18.88 lbs and is 30 1/2 inches long. She is 20th percentile for her weight, 90th percentile for height and 60% for her head size.

She got some of her vaccinations today and Mia would have been OK if we didn't have to hold her hands down. She let out a big scream and then it was back to smiles and giggles once we let her hands go. Both Mike and I went to her visit together and we were both very pleased with the staff as well.


NicoleJackBriannaDylan said...

Wow 11 months she is so cute .We went to Dylans two year check up today he is off the growth chart (lol) well Happy 11 month birthday Mia .Today is Dylan's 2nd Birthday .It goes by so fast .Well hope to see you all soon !!!!!

Krista said...

Oh poor Mia! I hate shots, too.
Glad everything checked out okay.

Here's a question for moms-to-be like me who have no idea how height/weight relate to the clothing sizes... what size clothes does she fit in right now?

grace said...

great pictues,thanks for the updates,it's what we live for!!Can't wait to meet the little angel.Hope all is well, we miss you at work,I keep the patients updated.Talk to you soon and happy 11 mos. to Mia!!!!!!


grace said...

Hey Barb!
Don't know if you remember me, its Joan Cherie's best friend. Well, congratulations. Mia is the absolute cutest baby and I wish you lots of happiness with her. I would love to come up there with Cherie to meet her in person. Your pictures are terrific!
Love, Joan (and Cherie)

Debbie said...

It breaks my heart to see them cry when they get shots! My daughter, Alayna just looked at the pictures and said ohhh the little poor baby!!! :)
I can give shots all day, but when it is my own it kills me!! I hope you are adjusting well still! It took me a good month to get back into a normal routine of sleeping after my trip, I am glad your transition is going well! I am jealous!! I look forward to updated pictures and continuing to follow your blog with Mia's updates! We are still working on my husband for #2, slowly breaking down, that is a step in right direction I guess! I see Mike is now a retired cop! My husband works on Palm Bay PD, he has about 7 yrs left before retirement, and looking forward to it! Would still love to see Mia in person, as Isaid my daughter LOVES babies!!
Take Care,