Monday, September 04, 2006

We have conquered the time adjustment!

We didn't want to jinx ourselves and post our success too soon. We wanted to wait until we had 3 nights of normal sleep time. She is going to bed between 8-9pm and sleeps thru until
6:30-7:30am. That is more like it! I actually can get some things done now, instead of jumping into bed when she went down because I never knew how long it would last. Mike and I were taking turns, so the other could rest. I have had several requests for pictures of Mia and I posted the best ones I had. I can't get her to stand still long enough to snap a picture with her actually looking at the camera. We had a little barb-q today at our house and it felt really good to get back to our normal life. Mia again LOVED the pool and stayed in for a long time.

We had a tough week but we made it! So far she has been to the Mall, Publix (grocery store) several times, Walmart, Target and visiting friends. She is a totally different child now that she is getting to know us better. My dad tried to feed her lunch today and she cried, but I grabbed the spoon and she ate for me. I felt bad for my dad, he thought he did something wrong, but I thought it was great at the same time, that she knows I am her mommy and Mike and I take care of her. Its the "bonding" we adoptive parents worry so much about and want to make sure that she knows that we are mommy and daddy and we are not going to leave her. I would love to know what goes thru her little mind sometimes. New sleeping arrangements, new smells, funny looking people speaking funny too!


kathyarcher said...

Hi, A friend who is soon to adopt from China passed along your blog to me so I could see how the process worked. I am just a happy reader and I am just absolutely thrilled for your family. Mia is beautiful!!! I love your updates and have read all of the archived entries. Your journey is inspiring and has made me even more excited about my friend's journey to come! I have a 14 month old daughter and I am smiling at your new experiences re feeding and sleeping. I hope you will continue to post - it is so much fun to read! And, if you lived in Southern CA, we'd be planning a playdate for our girls! :) Enjoy every second! (I know you already are!!) All the very best to you and your precious family.

Krista said...

Hi Barb & Mike
I found your blog thru China33. We have some things in common. We have the same facilitator and my daughter will also be named Mia!

I've loved following along on your adventure especially since I'll travel the same way. Your Mia is absolutely beautiful! You can see in the pics that she is so genuinely happy. Congratulations!!

I've got an e-mail link on my blog if you'd like to chat.
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