Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Welcome Home. . . . Shutter up!

Yes we made it and Yes I have not blogged. We landed, visited with friends and it's time to get ready for a possible hurricane. Talk about no rest for the weary!

We were greeted in Orlando airport by banners, signs, flowers, and stuffed animals. What a turn out. It was very early, and what a surprise! Mia did not do good on her flight from LA to FL. It was really bad. She was overtired and very cranky! Mike and I took turns standing in the back of the plane with her. When we entered the main cabin holding her, she would burst out into a horrible scream and cry. We really got to know the flight attendants who were really sweet.

Mia is SLOWLY adjusting to the time change so we are getting hardly any sleep during the night. She looks around noticing everything. She loves the pool though. Yesterday after bringing the last of our patio furniture in and the final shutter went up, my dad jumped in the pool and Mia joined him. I am so happy she enjoys it so much! Everyone wanted to get their hugs and squeezes and Mia did great. The kids were so sweet and wanted to play with her. Her granddaddy Wayne stayed with us and we plopped her in his bed in the morning and he just adores her. He had to leave early because of the hurricane threat and he cried when he left. It was so sad! I told him he can come back this weekend, after the storm. My mom uses any excuse to stop by for a visit and my grandfather gets so goo goo when he sees her. She sits on his lap and smiles.

Life is a little upside down, I mean who has their patio furniture and barbq sitting in their formal living room? Our garage sounds like a zoo, I wonder how many tree frogs made themselves a home in one of our plants. I hope they leave when we bring the plants back out!