Friday, August 18, 2006

Shopping Day with Mommy

Shopping Day with Mommy
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Erin&ZachAttack said...

I love this photo Barb!!! Thanks for all the pic postings, I look forward to checking your blog daily. Am so glad you are doing this so we all can keep updated. Motherhood suits you beautifully...the emotional happiness, long-awaited content, and love just shines from both you and Mike. I printed out some of the pictures of you guys and have them on my desk at work. Even the girls make me pull up your blog at work so they can keep informed of everything. Hurry home so we can all hug you, Mike, and most of all Mia. I think Zach has his first crush in Mia (hahaha). Arranged marriage...maybe so :) I explained to him who she is and he told his teacher at school that he had a baby sister. Ahhhh wait until Mia is 4. It just escalates from here on. Enjoy and treasure every moment. I love all three of you and hurry back. Love and Endless Blessings and Memories, Erin, Shaun, and Zachary

Vita and Gary said...