Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What a memorable Birthday!

Today life presented me with the best gift a person could ask for. After wishing, praying, hoping and dreaming, I am a mommy. Today my day was spent with Mia sleeping in til 8:45am (YEA) and then we had breakfast and off to shopping with Mia's 2 china sisters and their mommies. Mike still feels like his head is going to explode, so he stayed in the room trying to decompress.

After a nap, our group planned a dinner cruise down the the Pearl River. Our guides were sneaky and surprised me with a birthday cake and everyone sang. When I made a wish to blow out my candle, I thought to myself, my wish has come true, she is sitting on my lap reaching for my cake! We were able to walk outside and see all the tall buildings along the river, it was beautiful. Tomorrow I will treat myself to a 1hr massage and a pedicure for $30 american dollars in the reflexology center downstairs. It is wild!

Thanks Mom and Dad for sneaking a birthday card with Mike ! What a nice surprise.

Mia is going to have her grandparents wrapped around her finger, wait until you meet her! Only 4 more days until we land in FL. . . . .


Tami said...

Barbara! You Made me CRY! Thank you for sharing how you feel on your have such a precious heart. I feel very blessed to have you and Mike in my life and now we have Mia too! I am so happy for you and really share in your joy as I sit here and cry! :) I can't wait to get our daughters together to play!
Love, Tami
P.S. Happy Birthday!

NicoleJackBriannaDylan said...

Yes Barbara you made me cry too !!!!Have great time on the rest of your trip in China .I can't wait to talk to you again so we can chat about our babies !!!!!

Wicked Witch said...

Your daughter has the best facial expressions. When you get back and have time to really look through the pictures, you will see that some are just characteristically her! They are great to watch.

Joey said...

ok, I tried reading this out loud to Rich and when I got to the part about sitting on your lap...I lost it. I was tearing big time!!! Barbara, I can not imagine how you feel but I know it is like nothing ever felt before. I know it is the best present ever!!!!luv ya, Joey