Monday, August 21, 2006

Sorry we missed Sunday night, The pizza reunion party kept us up later than we expected and I was too tired to blog and upload. Things are humming along, today is her medical exam for the US Consulate final paperwork.. Mike and Mia are napping, we took her to the pool today and she loves it! She is eating like a pig. Mike and I can't believe it.

Mike is still fighting his cold but hanging in there. To all of you who have emailed us about his smoking, he doing great.

We had a reunion party in a suite last night and they decorate the room with Christmas cards from families, old group photos, reunion photos, etc. , it was so nice to see all the familes that have been brought together by Norman and his team. They truly are special people. We saw numerous photos of the Marino family who adopted 2 children with Norman and we just found out that Meg Ryan used our agency as well earlier this year. The older kids had a blast running around and Martin kept the alcohol flowing. They continued the party downstairs at one of the lounges. By the way, I haven't seen Martin yet today, I wonder how he is feeling?! We toasted everyone and everything, you name it , we toasted to it.

See you all very soon. . . .


grace said...

We missed your sign in by a few minutes. It's 8:38 a.m. now and Grace and I justgg looked at the pictures. They're cute. We'll check in again soon. Enjoy your day.

Love, Cherie & Grace

Ed and Lisa said...

Glad to hear you are having such a wonderful experience!!!

Also glad to hear about swimming! Being from FL... I can't imagine being in the heat and NOT swimming but folks don't often blog about that. I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with the pools! LOL We certainly plan on bringing swimsuits and a baby float too! : )


Lisa :)

Tami said...

Can't wait to see you all!!! I am so happy to see that she loves the water!!!! She'll be the cutest lil Florida Baby!! See you SOOON!!!