Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today we just laid low and took Mia for a walk to the downtown area. The locals just stare at us. We feel like movie stars. Before you know it you have a circle of people around you. I am told that many Chinese have never seen an American. They have seen us in movies, commercials, etc. but never in true life. So mix in a Chinese (cute) little girl and you get stares. Mike shot video today while I pushed the stroller so you can see what we are experiencing.

Mia is feeling better, her personality (good and bad) is starting to show. She has a little temper on her. When we do something she doesn't like, she throws her head back and stiffens. I am hoping it is her mourning process. We will just continue to hold her and show her that we love her no matter what. She often just looks around and stares. She loves the stroller and being outside. She is eating good and her medicine is working. She hardly coughs anymore and the runny nose thing is almost gone. Most of you are wondering how Mike is faring with the nose thing, and I want to tell you he only gagged once. He has been doing great. She is really squirmy at times when we have to change her diaper, especially when she doesn't want it changed. That is when we see her temper.

Chongqing was a part of Sichuan province which is where Szechuan style cooking is from, SPICY! Now that Chongqing became its own province, hot, spicy food is their specialty and the girls from this part of the country are called spicy girls and now we see why.


Denna said...

I am glad Mia is feeling better. She is a doll. I have been keeping up with your blog and it makes me wish I was in China again.

Denna said...

I failed to mention our little Chongqing baby had a temper with diaper changes also. It will get better. The spicy girl will not get better. Our daughter LOVES spicy food.
I hope you guys like spicy food.