Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year !

Well 2006 was a wonderful year with LOTS of excitement in our lives. The most joyous day was being united with our precious daughter Mia. She has truly blossomed and makes us laugh everyday. We love our new home and look forward to spending many years here. We have created many new friendships and cherish the relationships that we have shared with our friends throughout the years, who seem more like family to us.

Mia loves her family and really enjoys the time she spends with them. Although some family live far away, they try to visit as much as they can and we hope to go visiting them soon too!

I hope 2007 brings as much happiness to everyone as 2006 has brought to us. We wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2007.

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kathyarcher said...

If you are able to, can you email me at and let me know what brand of stove you bought for Mia? I haven't seen it and really like what Mia's has on it! My husband and I are in deep discussions about this purchase :) :) I continue to follow your blog and am so happy for all of you!!! Mia is awesome and so adorable! I can totally see how much love and devotion surrounds her! Wished we lived closer - our girls would have too much fun together! If you don't wish to email, would you be able to identify it in your blog - I understand if you do not wish to reveal your email address. Happy New Year!!!
Kathy Archer, California
P.S. I'm really not a psycho blog stalker - just a crazed mommy/high school teacher from SoCal! :)