Friday, February 16, 2007

Today Mia went to have her check up and she now weighs 22 lbs. 15 oz (48% percentile) and is 32 3/4" tall (85% percentile). She got three shots and you wouldn't even know it! She was running around giggling and picking up leaves.
Florida is getting a cold front and I broke out the jacket. It was a little too cold for a sweatshirt. Her coat was a little big but it did the job. It was 80 degrees a couple of days ago and now we are chilly. Tomorrow we are celebrating the New Year with our Treasure Coast FCC group. It should be nice and I will post pics then.


Journey of Promise said...

I'm wondering if you'd mind sharing with me the size that Mia is wearing now. We are going to pick up our baby girl this week and think she might be close to Mia's size. (she weighed 16.7 lbs and ws 28 in tall in Aug. 2006) Of course, we're just trying to pack the most appropriate sizes.

Thanks and best wishes to you,

Michael & Barbara said...


Mia is wearing 12 months size. Some brands fit her better than others. Some 12-18 mos fit her loose but fit. She is long and lean. What I need in length, is big in her waist. She wore 6-9 months for the longest time.

Hope this helps :)