Saturday, June 16, 2007

We are home and are ready to celebrate Mike's 1st Father's Day! The kids on vacation made this craft for all the Father's and included Mike. Our vacation was great and Mia had so much fun playing with everyone, going out on the boat, and hanging out in the pool. When we arrived home our neighbors were outside and commented on how tan Mia looked. Believe me it was hard work applying and re-applying sunscreen a couple times a day. Someone in our group had a really fancy camera and took some amazing shots of Mia out on the sand bar. He is going to mail me a CD with the pictures burned on them. I will post when they arrive.

On another note, Friday the 15th we celebrated Mia being on our lives exactly the time she was without us. We were joined as a family when Mia was 10 months old and she is now 20 months. Our Family Day was August 15, 2006.


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