Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mia just completed her 2 week swimming class. Parents are unable to stay during the lessons, so on her final day, parents are invited to see the progress of each child. Mia is now able to go to the bottom of the pool and get a stick. She is not strong enough to get down herself, but with a little push she gets to the bottom, retrieves the stick (sometime 2 at a time) and turns and swims up. She listens to the instructor and all the kids sit on the edge of the pool and await their turn to swim to her. She can swim a small amount to the instructor and knows to turn back to the wall. She received a small penant with a picture on it of her jumping off the edge. Now that we have observed their techniques, we will definately keep it up. Mia is not afraid to get her face wet and enjoys the pool. Her instructor said she and another child did very well! We will sign her up for more classes to keep up with it. We are so proud of her!

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The Katie Starr Team said...

Mia ~ You go girl!!

These girls of ours are amazing. They just love to try new things and have fun in what ever they do. Katie is loving her lessons and is turning into a little fish. I love this age so much; it is so sweet.