Monday, February 18, 2008



We took advantage of the long holiday weekend and went to Atlanta and visited with my sister and family. It was Kenedy's 7th Birthday party and the kids had a blast. It was Mia and myself and my friend Tami and her 2 daughters. We shared a hotel near my sister's home and we were very busy. We took the train in to the city to the Georgia Aquarium, where Mia really enjoyed it. Much to my surprise, she really got into it and loved to see all the animals. Kenedy's party was at an inflatable interactive gym where the kids climbed, jumped, and slid on everything. One of the pictures shows Mia sliding down almost sideways and smiling ear to ear. I had to laugh, I was watching her climb up the slide and an older child was being impatient and not wanting to wait for Mia to take her steps, so she stopped and pointed her finger at him and said, " No pushing". I thought to myself, YOU GO GIRL. Some of the kids are just so excited that they don't realize that the little ones are slower. We were able to take advantage of some major shopping, everything you need or want is within 15 minutes of her home. We ate dinner one night at a fabulous Brazilian steak house, where the food was excellent. Mia is always so well behaved at restaurants, that we joke that she has eaten at some of the fanciest places. Mike really missed Mia and it was cute to see them hug and kiss when we arrived. 5 days with no Mia makes for a very quiet house!

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