Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kids Say
the Darndest Things
Mia has really started to talk alot and really is expressing herself well. She has been putting small sentences together and sometimes, we are just blown away by what she says. Its not so much that we are fascinated by the fact that she's speaking better and better, but its more the things that she says. Here are some examples: The other morning she was done eating breakfast and I took her plate away and came back to wipe her highchair tray and she said "Good Job Mommy, I proud of you", I turned around so fast and almost snapped my neck. another day, we were driving and twinkle twinkle little star came on and she said,
"Mommy, I don't like that song, turn off" first of all since when and now she has song preferences??. Hmmmm. We are just enjoying this part of toddlerhood, although it does have some cons, like when you are trying to put her in time out for chasing the dog with her vaccuum, and she says, "No! Leave me alone" or the occasional bossing around of one of our dogs Lucy, "Lu Lu get out, My room and slams the door shut"

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