Sunday, July 20, 2008

This past week we had family in town, so the cousins got to spend some time together. We also were able to celebrate Titi's 60th Bday. We had it our house and it was an all day affair. The kids had fun swimming and using the slip and slide. We cooked some of my aunts favorite food and finished it off with a yummy birthday cake. As you can see below, we caught Mia sticking her finger in it before we could cut and serve it. Deanna took some photos of the cousins too this week, so I will post when she emails them to me.

Dinner at Grandma's House

helping blow out the candles

Sneaky but cute!

The little ones, learning to play Nintendo DS

Uncle Mike showing the kids how to catch grasshoppers in the yard!

Uncle Vince reading Mulan to Mia before bed

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