Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mia has been taking swim lessons and she is really becoming a little fish. We decided this year to do private lesasons vs. group and see if the individual attention would be better. Her instructor says she is doing extremely well and she anticipates her learning the breaststroke in the near future. The only problem is that Mia holds her breath for so long that she is concerned in an emergency it could fatigue her and do more harm than good. She opens her eyes under the water and can swim a long stretch kicking away and using her arms. We are working on getting her to stick her head out and take a breath and then proceed, but she just swims and swims holding her breath. She is awesome at diving to the bottom and getting sticks, and her instructor laughs because she always comes up with a big smile on her face. Today at home we asked her to swim to us and as I backed up, I put my hand at her tummy and raised her up and told her to take a breath and then I released her back and she was not happy. She told me Mommy "Lets Relax!!! I laughed so hard. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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Kathy said...

Hi Barbara!
Greatest tip we got from our swim teacher: Tell Mia to hum as she goes under water. That way she will release air from her nose and then learn to come up for more air after she has released it through her nose under water. My daughter Shelby was doing the same thing with breath holding and this is working much better for her. Now, we go under water together and hum and look at each other through googles - pretty funny.