Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Harvest Moon &
Paper Lanterns

Sunday we celebrated Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon with our local ladies. Our event kicked off on the beach, late afternoon and ended at sundown with the most beautiful moon over the water. The reflection of the moon off the water was wonderful. The girls were able to paint, color, or add stickers and decorate their own paper lanterns. I hope someone will share their photos of the girls on the beach with their lanterns and flashlights. My camera shots came out to dark to post. All the families pitched in and brought something to eat and the girls had a good time running around and giggling. We hope to get together more often, the company was great!!

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Dana said...


I just came across your blog randomly!!!

I love it already and I have just read only one post!!!

I look forward to looking through your blog some more!!!

Have a great weekend.