Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!! January 9th weekend we celebrated Mike's BIG 50! we had a bunch of family and close friends join Mike in celebrating. Many of us camped for the long weekend, and many people came for the day to have a party. I planned the get together on the sly and as the weekend progressed, more and more people arrived. Mike had a wonderful time! Saturday night was the big night and we had a seafood feast. We had 2 steamer pots going to steam clams, lobster, crabs legs, and shrimp. We had lots of tables put together so everyone could enjoy the feast together. It turned out exactly like he would have wanted. The weather was perfect, we even had a full moon which made the evening gorgeous. No big party and hoopla, just a weekend relaxing, with good food and great company. His day started out fishing the the guys, and when they came back, more people had arrived and set up camp, it was great. By the start of the dinner, I think there must have been 40 people or so. The kids loved the campfire and running around all day playing and the adults enjoyed the conversation and cocktails. I prepared a trivia game with Mike type of topics, which was a hoot! It truly was a memorable celebration!!

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