Monday, March 16, 2009

Last night was a nighttime launch for the shuttle, so Mike, Mia, and I went down to the marina to watch it. It was so spectacular and we could not have asked for better weather. When we first arrived the dolphins were feeding and were really chasing the fish right in front of us. We were the only ones on the dock so it was like our private dolphin show, just for us. At one point , a group of them were cornering a bunch of fish and the fish jumped up in the air and the dolphins caught the fish mid air, I felt like I was at Seaworld. We see dolphins often on the boat , however; last night was amazing. There must have been 6 to 8 dolphins feeding. I couldn't even get it on film, I never wanted to take my eyes off of the water. Mia was staring with her mouth wide open, no words!!! now that's a first ; ).

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Lisa~~ said...

What a nice way to spend an evening. Watching the take-off is awesome.