Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do these pictures exhume love or what??
last weekend Grandaddy and Grandma T came for a visit. Mia enjoys her time with them so much!


Lori Lynn said...

They are awesome and very emotional! I would frame that second one.


Kathy said...

Beautiful shot! What a ton of love there! OK, now one of these days, you have to post how many bathing suits Mia has :) My goal for the summer is to never have dry hair - we just love being in the pool so much but I am forever washing Shelby's suits :) It is so much fun to see our children enjoy the water so much. I want an underwater camera so that I can capture what I see when we go under together - it is so cute.


Michael, Barbara and Mia said...

I was just mentioning to Mike that I don't think I have ever had a summer where I have been in my bathing suit more than my regular clothes and I am a beach/summer lover. Mia does own about 11 bathing suits and believe me, she wears them ALL. Between our weekends, swim lessons and water play 2 days a week at preschool we need a rotation!