Sunday, December 27, 2009

we finally had our 'Dreams Come True' experience at Disney the weekend before Christmas and all I can say is WOW! We were a little concerned that Santa may not live up to the whole magical Disney experience!!! From the moment we checked in, to the moment we left (which was very sad) we were treated like royalty the entire weekend. This was truly an experience of a lifetime. We were surprised our first night at the Grand Floridian when we returned from the parks to find Mickey foot prints on the floor and gifts left across the room. Mia received a box full of things and the family got our very own Santa Mickey hats with our names embroidered on them.
The next days events started with Mia and Belle having a photo shoot in the rose garden in Magic Kingdom before the park even opened. As you can see below, I got some shots of the Castle without tons of people standing in front of it trying to do the same. I also scored a unique picture of main street which simulated a ghost town, again another rarity!
Saturday and Sunday were were escorted from park to park in a chaffuered SUV with a personal guide to do whatever we wanted, at whatever park, and ride whatever we wanted and twice in a row if we wished to! Mia got front row to many shows and Mike and I enjoyed buzzing up to the front for those very popular roller coasters!!! Our family joined Cinderella for dinner at her royal table and then it was off to watch the parade and fireworks in our VIP seated area. I'm telling you, the next trip to Disney is going to be a bummer after the treatment we received!!
Our evening ended up at the Castle with a white chocolate horse drawn carriage with chocolate covered strawberries. Mia got some popcorn and hot chocolate and she really enjoyed the unlimited selection of DVD's in the room. It is so hard to journal all the little details and level of service we were treated to and I am trying to do that, so I have a written memory for Mia to look back on. Our guides gave our little girl and unforgettable experience, and she really enjoyed every waking minute of it!!!

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Lori Lynn said...

What a magical experience that must have been! How did you win that? Your pictures are fantastic. I am so glad that you took a lot. I enjoyed each and every one of them.

I think it's wonderful you took Mia with you to deliver the food. I need to begin including my girls in more activities like that. You are an inspiration.