Sunday, March 21, 2010

these eyes are always thinking and wondering!!!

Not to much gets past this one! I can't even sneak a snack or two from her, she can sniff a piece of chocolate on my breath from miles away I think!!! Summer is approaching and we can't wait! I have sooo enjoyed picking out some cute suits for Mia and she also has informed us that she rrreeeeaaalllllyyyy wants to take horseback riding lessons, so we have decided to give gymanstics a little break and give horseback riding lessons a try. The ranch we want to take her to, will start the kids once they are comfortable with their right and left so they can help guide the horse! Although Mia is a strong swimmer we have decided to continue her summer swim lessons also. I can't wait til she is old enough to put on a snorkel and mask and jump off the boat like Mike and I did as kids!!

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Kathy said...

One of the most awesome shots you have posted. Though I see you on FB, I still come peeking around here every so often :) Isn't it amazing what little detectives these little people become? We're not getting away with much around here. We've gotten busted with an after bedtime dessert a couple of times...guilty as charged :)