Thursday, May 13, 2010

just a cute photo I shot of my chatterbox! I love my little girl so much and all her little Miaism's. I love how she tells me that if I want my skin 'smoov" I can buy some stuff on TV that she saw. I love her affection to animals and reminds me how Daddy took a hurt birdie once to the 'Umane Asociety". I giggle when she wiggles and shakes her booty when a song with a good rhythm comes on and how she loves Scooby -Doo and always says "This show is sooooo creepy". Daddy is blown away at how you can work your way thru my iPhone and know exactly how to play your 'favorite' songs!
Mia~ you are always the life of the party and everything about you is fun,
thoughtful and you bring us such joy!!

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