Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mia was chosen as the June 2010 cover girl for our local Parenting magazine! We are soooo excited! It was so cute when they were delivered to her school. I actually shot this picture and submitted it last month and then they contact me and asked if they could use it for the June issue. I don't know if I was more excited that Mia was on the cover or that my photo was chosen for the cover! We have left for our annual trip to Marco Island and are looking forward to some sun, fun and relaxation!


vmlucas said...

When I first looked at this picture I saw a beautiful young woman, however I don't think that best sums up her smile.

When I see that smile I see two wonderful parents shining through a peaceful face.

A mother, who with every living breath reaches out to bring the joy of life to this blossoming child.

A father with the composure and assurance of a bright future for his burgeoning daughter.

Parents that truly absorb the significance of raising a child in a manner befitting their hearts and souls; with worthy love and unrestrained compassion.
I see a smile that reflects harmony and tranquility in a child; innocently unaware of the endurable apprehension and insecurity that envelopes parents--handled so compassionately and benevolently by her's.

Over the years, I have come to appreciate art and the depth of the artist's conception in creating such a piece. Many times a picture or painting is examined intrinsically to gather the insight or the soul of the artist after they have passed away. More recently, I have come to appreciate the art and pictures of the present to see the depth of the artistry in its evolving and precious grandeur. Beauty and poignancy in its present form.

The smile reflected in this picture shows two loving, caring, winsome parents intent on bringing joy to the life of their precious daughter. It's a smile built on the tenderhearted determination of her parent's;evident in the thriving beauty of her personality.

That's what I see in that picture.

Barbara said...

that was so beautiful Vince! thank you! we love you! xoxo