Thursday, October 07, 2010

Today our baby girl turns 5!

Where does the time go? Mia stands at 46 " tall and weighs 42 lbs. WOW!! She loves to sing country songs, talks a whole bunch (non-stop), is always full of life and is very thoughtful. She was very excited when she was tall enough to ride Space Mountain at Disney and can't wait for her final 2" to get on Mount Everest at Animal Kingdom and Aerosmith's Rock n' Roll Rollercoaster in Hollywood Studios. My little daredevil hangs with me, has no fear and I love it! Tonight is our family dinner celebration, and as tradition goes, the Birthday person get to pick where they want to eat and YEP! Mia picked Sushi! She eats the ginger like it's going out of style and uses her chopstick better than some adults. I made chocolate Chip cookie ice cream sandwiches for her birthday celebration at pre-school and that was at her request because, and I quote "Mommy EVERYONE brings cupcakes!"

Her 5 year old pictures were taken with her friend Belle, who is the sweetest horse. Mia has been taking lessons for a couple of months now and loves to bring her carrots and apples for treats after lessons.


Lori Lynn said...

Awesome pictures! If they were on Flickr, I'd "favorite" them.

Happy 5th birthday. The braids are super darling. So is her friend the horse.

I hope you plan on framing one of these gems.

Lori Lynn said...


My Chloe also loves to sing Country songs and ride Space Mountain. We went three times in a row the last time we went to Disneyland. It was too scary and fast for my hubby and other daughter Pearl. I thought that was pretty scary for a 6 year old, let alone a 4-almost-5-year old. Yay Mia!