Friday, January 29, 2010

Mia had some professional photos done by a very talented photographer in Fort Lauderdale today. Mia was so cooperative and she has such a cutesy personality that Lisa loved her! Above is one of the shots that was taken, I am now going thru some proofs to narrow down some of my favorites. A few of her favorites get sent in to some agencies for possible print work! I am anxious to see where this leads us!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mia just loves our neighbors kitty who comes running once Mia goes outside to play. She has named him Tiger and he loves for her to pet him! Of course she wants a cat now, but we are OK with the 2 dogs, 1 fish and 1 bird that we have!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I entered 2 pictures into the Nestle Holiday Photo contest and they have made the finals!! Now I need people to vote from now until the 25th. Click on the link below and make the selection under the categories Home for the Holidays and Deck the Halls under Barbara H. Once you have hit select 'go to selections' to register your vote. You can vote once a day until the 25th. Thank you in advance, I am so excited!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Welcome 2010 this year we had a house full for New Year's !!! We were so happy to have Makenzie with us for the long weekend too! Mike really enjoyed the time with his goddaughter, it had been way too long since we saw her. There is soooo much to catch up on!!! We are glad she is back and safe!!

Makenzie fashionably in her snuggie with Stephanie!

no comment!

chilly New Years Day!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Christmas has come and gone and it was a whirlwind of fun surrounded
with family and friends!
this year was a boat load of fun and we really had a great time! Christmas Eve and Christmas morning was at our home and the cousins tore into their gifts so fast I could hardly keep up with photos! Santa was very generous to the kiddos and they LOVED all their presents. The adults really enjoyed our Secret Santa gift exchange which has become a tradition in our family! My Secret Santa got me the Wii Fit Plus and I need to get going on it now that the holiday hoopla is over. Santa delivered a Kawasaki Power Wheels Barbie ATV which Mia loves buzzing up and down the street with and a Disney Princess vanity. Mia is now at the age where she is starting to enjoy playing games and she got a game called 'Pop the Pig' and it is so funny to play. The Wii continues to be a great hit in our house and we got some more games for Christmas which made for great tournaments! Santa bought me a new lap top with Photoshop CS4 and I am still trying to learn all the options that it has to offer!