Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mia is singing away to Taylor Swift's song...
'You Belong With Me'

I have to share a funny story about a conversation I had with Mia the other day. We were playing restaurant and she was taking my order. She comes over with a pencil and a small pad of paper and I ask her what was on the menu. She takes the eraser part of her pencil and places it on her lip and says "hmmmm, let me see, we have quesadillas and some crab legs, lobster, chicken wings and some sushi!!!" I was rolling on the floor laughing!!

I think that was a wake up call that I have successfully accomplished what I always wanted too. A child with a palate for a variety of foods, not the chicken fingers and Mac and cheese only type! But Lobster, Oh My! I should have maybe toned it down a little!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

this picture truly exemplifies the personality of our Mia. She loves to giggle and is always (well most of the time) having a good time! We took this picture this weekend while visiting friends!

Friday, February 05, 2010

our little girl is so full of life and anything she does, she enjoys it so much! Today she wanted to wear her hello kitty rain boots because it had rained earlier and there were a few puddle left. I caught these shots while she was playing around with her new princess umbrella! Mia starts pre-k this August and it is an eye opening reminder of how fast time flies! Our little girl has become quite the comedian and to be perfectly honest with you, no words can explain the laughter and personality punch this little spunky girl packs. She loves to sing to Sugarland and Taylor Swift and she knows when Rock and Roll songs are on, that those are Daddy's favorite type of music. She loves our 'special occasion' slurpee trips to 7-11 and skips thru the store to the machine. She frequently asks for per-fer-ume when she catches me spraying mine on and notices the change in my nail color when I sneak for a manicure & pedicure and asks "Why didn't you take me to the nail store?"

Monday, February 01, 2010

just spending some time with family and friends at the local town festival!