Saturday, July 09, 2011

summer 2011 005

at the recommendation of a friend, we took Mia to meet up with the coach of our local swim team. Coach Bill recommended Mia come out to the pool where the team trains so that he could assess her abilities and her level of swimming. Once he observed Mia swim, he told us he wanted Mia to join the team. After explaining to us, what commitments we would need to fulfill, Mike and I decided that if she wants to do it, we should do what ever we can to give her the opportunity. She is going to train and practice for the next several weeks and will participate in her first swim meet in August. This has happened rather fast and we are excited!! We have been giving Mia a taste of many different activities, so that she may decide what her niche is. Mike and I were both very fortunate to have parents that were very supportive of us athletically and we want Mia to share the same type of childhood we both experienced.

summer 2011 007

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