Saturday, November 04, 2006

All smiles heading to the Clambake

This weekend is Sebastian's Annual Clambake. The town of Sebastian was known years ago as a clamming/fishing town, the Indian River was loaded with clams and known for good fishing, hence the Sebastian Inlet. Why do you think we moved here? There's an Inlet here!! We had a great time. Last night Mike, Mia and I went with my mom for a little bit to see what they had this year. We ate Italian Friday night as you can see below Mia LOVED it and today we spent most of the day at the Clambake. We met up with new friends that we met thru our local FAC (Families with Asain Children) group. Alayna is 5 years old and such a doll. What a personality! Alayna's mom followed our blog while we were in China and emailed me privately because she couldn't believe how much Mia and Alayna looked alike when Alayna was Mia's age. She contacted me via email and we made plans to meet up. When I saw Alayna's pictures for the first time, I couldn't believe how much of a resemblance at 10 months they shared. Then when I met her, I told Mike , I only pray that Mia will be as bubbly and beautiful as she is. Mike and I enjoyed spending time with their family today. My parents and grandfather thought she was such a doll. Mike and I are still riding the fence about all the FCC and local children organizations, we know how important it is for Mia to have Chinese friends but we think we like the playdate thing instead of the monthly get together with 30 children or so. We'll see how it goes. Some people can be total fanatics and that's just not us, we want to find a happy medium.
We are definately going to see Joe, Debbie and Alayna again!

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