Monday, May 28, 2007

Stephanie is college bound and we wouldn't miss her graduation party for anything. We headed South for a relaxing (sorta) and fun weekend. Mia was such a trooper :) her schedule was totally off and she went along with all the hoopla. She is a little party animal. As we speak, she is passed out in her crib and we are home. Mia attended her first Marlins Game and she had a great time. I was prepared to leave early if she got fussy, because after all, the game was at 1:00 and it was hot out. Mia did great, clapping and dancing and watching all the commotion on the jumbo tron. We decided to stay at a hotel this time and make a mini vacation out of this holiday weekend and it went well. The pool at the hotel was great and Mia enjoyed the waterfall.

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