Sunday, September 16, 2007

FFFF #47 Closeups

This weeks photo challenge was Closeups and since I am photo happy, you know I had some in my stash. The first photo of her smile, is precisely the way Mia bounces around and smiles when she hears music or when she's skipping around the house. On the other hand we went to a friends house last night for a barb-q and Mia was acting very cranky, Mommy only and whiny. We couldn't understand what was going on. Earlier that day, she was jumping around in her kiddy pool and swimming in the big pool with Mike and I having a fun day. She was sitting on my lap facing me and whining but otherwise OK and low and behold she vomits all over me. Really bad, Everywhere! I was wearing a black shirt and it was all over my shirt and neck. All the women jumped up to grab a towel, napkin, whatever. Mia started to cry and she wouldn't let them help me by trying to hold her while I changed my shirt and bra (yes it was bad). I went to the bathroom and the smell started getting to me in the small closed area and I started gagging. I held it together though and The hostess gave me a clean shirt and gave Mia a shirt also. We settle in on the couch with Mia laying on my chest again and AGAIN it happens. I went thru 3 shirt changes and Mike and I stopped on the was home to get some medication to stop the vomiting. She slept a little rough, but the vomiting stopped and she was starving this morning. We fed her toast and some chicken broth and she is back to her normal self. I think it may have been a combination of all the junk she walks around and suckers everyone into sharing with her. She had no fever and no signs of being ill, but last night was a blogging moment. Of course Mike was laughing because she got me real good. She spit up on him on the plane ride home from China and he was beside himself because he couldn't change his shirt. Imagine if she did to him what she did to me last night.

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