Monday, October 08, 2007

Saturday we celebrated Mia's 2nd Birthday and she had so much fun. The weather was horrible all week and even the morning of the party as well. Mike and I were feeling a little bummed and couldn't stop watching the local weather forecast. The party was scheduled to start at 2pm and by noon the sky was blue and there was a nice breeze. Someone was looking out for us!! The party was held at Sebastian River Inlet Park and the kids got their faces painted, Mike bought live shrimp for the kids to fish and we had a parent/child water balloon toss. We decided to have it catered and boy was that a good idea! Mike and I were able to be guests at Mia's party. The playground was right beside the pavilions and everyone seemed to have a good time.

The adult portion of the party continued at our house after the park and the margaritas and beers were flowing! My old high school friends who I have kept in touch thru the years came up and got hotel rooms for the weekend, so we invited them back to our house. Grandaddy Wayne and Grandma T stayed the weekend too! Many people came up for the day and it was so great to see everyone.

Mia received such great gifts and we had her open them the next morning. It was too hectic to do that after getting home that evening. She is at the age now where she rips the paper off the gifts and says OOOhh. She knew it was her birthday and she sings Happy Birthday. I will post some pictures from her school soon, I sent a disposable camera to school along with some cupcakes. The pictures are adorable!

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