Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bye Bye Birthmark. . . . Mia had to have her "little raisin" removed on the 7th of December. The dermatologist didn't like the way it looked so he recommended that we remove it. Unfortunately, he didn't feel comfortable doing it in the office as he would have done on an adult, so we had to have it removed by a general surgeon in an out patient surgical center. Mia was so brave and we are just waiting back answer from the pathology report. Mia did well and the surgeon said that everything went as expected with no surprises, however; she did not like the recovery room and wanted OUT! She kept reaching for her IV and was really mad. She started flexing her back and trying to wrestle out of our arms if we tried to calm her down. I felt bad for the others that were in recovery post surgery as she was screaming bloody murder. I asked the nurse at one time, where is my daughter? This is not the daughter I left before entering the OR! Once in the car, she sorta calmed down but was acting very mad. She didn't even want to go home and watch Calliou. Mike and I looked at each other and said WHOOA, she must be really PO'd, if she says no to Calliou. I think she was hungry and irritated and just wanted to get back to her environment. 15 minutes after getting home and have some juice, she was smiling and relaxing in Daddy's recliner. After her nap, she was our Mia again. She was running around acting like herself by the afternoon. No bandages, no stitches to remove, all internal and that means no picking! She doesn't remember anything because the pre-op juice has an amnesia affect. I asked her if she wanted to go see the doctor and she still says YES.
Merry Christmas!
Florida's version of snow flurries!

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