Friday, December 28, 2007

These are 2 of my Christmas gifts that I thought I would share. The one on the left is from my sister who had Mia's name written in Chinese. I love it and thought that I could pass this to her when she is older. It came on a black leather cord and it is beautiful. The one on my right is from MIke and it is a "What's inside your Heart" locket. I tried to get a good shot but the flash is blurring it a little. It has an M for Mike and Mia, a ladybug for China adoption, a pink heart for Mia, and a police badge , because Mike is a retired officer. I have to get 1 more charm because the charms float around in the heart as they are supposed to, but I don't like when the "M" flips over and looks like a "W". We have had a busy, fun week so far and I will post great cousin shots after the weekend!

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Life with Starr and Spice said...

Such beautiful and thoughtful gifts. You are truly loved.