Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This holiday was full of FAMILY, FRIENDS, FUN, and FOOD!
The holidays kicked off with my last day of work being December 20th and that evening was my office party, so Mike and I had a chance to get dressed up and enjoy some holiday festivities alone, while Grandma and Grandpa babysat. 2 days later my sister and family arrived, with the next day, Mike's dad, Grandaddy and Grandma T arriving as well. Christmas Eve dinner turned out great and my friends Tami and her 2 girls joined us as well. After the kiddos went to bed, the adults had their Christmas and then we assembled the gifts from Santa. Christmas morning was a blast and although I was totally exhausted from cooking, and being the hostess with the mostest, seeing the kids open their gift and enjoy themselves was priceless. Mia really understands presents now and kept saying birthday presents, so we had to explain that Santa brought them and she would shake her head and say, "NO SANTA" because she was petrified of Santa at the mall and refused to go near him. It was so cute, she gets funny like that sometimes. Mike and I bought her a Mr Potato head kit and when she opened it I think the eyes frightened her and she said no no and went running from the tree. So now Mr. Potato head is in the closet for a couple of months. Mia got a Little Tikes piano with a stool and a microphone attached to the keyboard, She is so funny with it. Disney and Universal Studios was fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves. Our friend Barbara and her kids joined us to Universal so us girls took advantage of the adult roller coasters. What a blast! I am so bummed that I have to go back to work tomorrow and head back to reality. The holidays were great but entirely to fast.

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