Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Frogleg Festival

Saturday we went to the Famous Fellsmere Frogleg Festival. YES, I said frogleg and NO I didn't eat any! The festival is held every January, they have arts and crafts vendors, many food vendors, a petting zoo, and carnival rides. We went with The Semkow clan and my parents. In one area, the had bleachers with live music playing, Mia stood up in front of the stage on the grassy area and started to dance, it was hysterical. The man singing even made a comment about her. I love it! She doesn't care, she's not shy and loves to have a good time. We thought she would be a little scared of the horses, since she was petrified of the Merry Go Round, but go figure, she loved the horse and she rode it all by herself. Mike said " Oh no! Barbara's going to call tomorrow to inquire about horseback riding lessons" He knows me all to well!

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