Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I know this post is about a week late but we have been BUSY! We had some company for the Holiday weekend and we started to decorate the house for Christmas. When you have lived in a house for a while and you decorate year after year, its easy. The things go in the same place and you find a new spot for something you bought along the way. Well, when you move into a new house, I have no idea where I am going to put anything, no less what kind of lights outside are we going to buy. Our old house had a simple roof line and was much smaller. So of course, Mike had to do a full analysis and determined we need more outside receptacles now!. We ordered more from the builder, but evidently we need more! The electrician will be here Saturday to do that for us and we should be able to plug it all in then.

On the Thanksgiving issue, 2 years ago on Thanksgiving is when Mike and I embarked on Our Journey of Love to start a family. This Thanksgiving was so amazing, we have so much to be thankful for and I just couldn't believe I was cutting up little turkey and sweet potatoe pieces for my daughter. She had a new Thanksgiving bib on and she ate like a horse. She wasn't feeling good and when we took her to the doctor on Friday, they confirmed she had a ear infection, poor thing. She was a little whiny but not bad. She feels so much better now and really enjoys looking at the tree and pointing to the ornaments.

Our Thanksgiving was great and we shopped, played cards, (Mike and I lost money), Steph and Molly were the winners, with Molly ( who didn't want to play and started with $2 in quarters, won the biggest pot worth $120.00). It was lots of fun, we played at my Mom and Dad's Thanksgiving night and continued the next couple nights at our house.

I thank all of you who have followed our blog and posted such nice comments. This blog was created to document the journey to Mia and thereafter. I like to post things of people, places and memories that have touched our lives, so when Mia is older we can share this with her. We plan to keep it up and journal her first few years as a Harrell.

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