Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santa came to our house !

What a great Christmas we had this year with Mia. I thought maybe Mia might be too young and not get into the toys, but she loves to push her Asian Cabbage Patch doll in her shopping cart and she likes her kitchen. The unwrapping of the paper was a bore, but once it was put together and making noise, she was into it.
Daddy and Grandaddy put together the kitchen the night before Christmas Eve, I love to apply all the decals, so I had a hand in it too. We had a great time unwrapping all her goodies and enjoying the morning. Typically we have a nice dinner on Christmas Eve and we unwrap gifts that evening, but now that we have Mia, the adults do the evening and the morning is all about Mia.
She had so much fun playing with everything, that Mike and I had a difficult time putting her down for a nap, talk about over-stimulation!
To all the families that follow our blog who are waiting, I know it has been long, we waited 14 months from DTC to travel, but let me tell you, it is worth the wait. Before long you'll be eating it up like Mike and I have been. Had it been a shorter wait, we would not have had Mia, she is a perfect match for us :) .
I don't know, Mike and I always say,
we really lucked out!
May 2007 be a wonderful year to everyone!

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