Saturday, April 12, 2008

Disney Junkie's

Kenedy spent her Spring Break with us so we squeezed in a couple of days to Disney. Deanna was inTampa for business and came over to spend 1 day with us and flew home with Kenedy. We sure enjoyed having her visit with us and Mia misses her already. Torey and Uncle Vince stayed home but they are planning a trip back over the summer. Kenedy got to go to the beach and see a movie too!

We are home now and I am pooped! My Mom and Dad are exhausted, but a great time was had by all. Mia really enjoys seeing the characters now and asks for a kiss and hug after the photo opportunity. The only one she refused take a photo was the dragon at China. This trip we did Epcot and Animal Kingdom. My sister and I wandered into the wine shop in Italy and had some sampling. The picture of Kenedy was a glass that we refilled with water so she could have a glass of wine like us. My dad enjoyed his beers from various countries as well. We had a late lunch in Mexico and finished the night with Illuminations and dessert in France. MMMMMM

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