Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mike and I decided to take Mia camping and try it out to see how she would do with the camper thing. Well she loved it! We got a great campsite right on the water and we had an awesome view. The playground was pretty close by and she loved to watch the campfire. We were across the street from the beach so we spent the day there and relaxed in the evening. My friend Tami joined us on day 2 with the girls. They pitched a tent within walking distance and they enjoyed themselves as well. The Gambella's joined us on day 3 and we all enjoyed some relaxation and some great conversation. The weather cooperated and we could not have asked for a more perfect first camping trip. Mia was a big girl and slept great without her crib. We can't wait to taker her again.

fishing with Daddy

Beach Fun

Conched out for a nap!

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Ebbie Faith (Mei) said...

I just stumbled on to your blog and saw your beautiful little girl. The pictures of her at her first Dentist appointment are a lot like our daughters first Dentist appointment back in February. Glad you enjoyed your camping trip. We plan to do that soon ourselves.