Thursday, April 24, 2008

My little helper. . .
everytime I pass the vacuum, Mia runs and gets hers. She loves to crash into mine. I think that's why she likes it so much.
Too bad she wasn't as helpful this week at school. 2 days this week, when I arrived to get her, I was informed by the teacher that Mia has been in time out and is not listening. She evidently did not want to come in from the playground and told her teacher NO. She also has decided when and where she sits for storytime.
The terrible two's have most definitely started. The spicy girl is coming out full force. We had a talk with her and explained why we listen and half the time she is looking around, never looking at either one of us. I swear by age 4 I will have gritted my teeth down to the gumline. I am happy to report that the last 2 days she has had a good report.
She is however; starting to fib. She had a little mark on the side of her cheek and the teacher said the kids were throwing mulch and it hit her. So when we were driving home, I asked her what happened and she said it was Nicholas, he slapped me.

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Lauren and Ed said...

Oh my! I had to laugh when I read this post because it sounds similar to my spicy girl. We call her a "little devil" and she certainly plays the part well